Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I'm linking up with Amy, cute as a button, for What I love wednesday's.   Here is what I am lovin':

1) I'm loving this awesome guy!

The hubby

2) I am loving the fact that my baby boy has a great relationship with his birthparents.

Bio siblings.   So cute!!!!!

3)  I am loving these refreshing peppermint mini mint patties.  Found these and some other unusual holiday candy at the hospital gift shop.

4)  I am loving this hand cream by Burt's Bees.  If you have those dry, cracked winter hands.  This stuff is for you!  Smells like cinnamon/vanilla.  Very nice. 

5).  I am loving Grandma Sue for the gift cards.

These(above from Target) help to make purchases when money can get tight around the holidays. 
They were used to purchase some much needed fall clothes for the kids. 
Like these cute, gray T's...which I love!

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