Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Photo shoots

My favorite time during the holiday season is taking the pictures for our Christmas card.  OK, not really!   Crying, whining, bloody noses.  Yes, we had one of those thanks to a very scratchy winter sweater.  It wouldn't stop and we took the pics a week later.   We have huge families, living all over the country and some in Europe.   This picture is the only time anyone sees our babies!!   Ok, with Facebook now, some of the younger cousins have access to our kid pics.  

These are some photos from photo shoots past:

It was almost dark when I took these but I was determined to get the cards ordered that night.

Darian was not having any of this!!!
This didn't scan well.

I was going for a kind of European look with Kya's dress.  I found it on Etsy but can't remember who made it.   It was so cute and could have been worn the following year but all the colors bled together when it was washed and it looked splotchy.   Love the big bows.

This wasn't a "card" shoot.   We were visiting the downtown mall. 

One year is missing.  I can't find the photo shoot on disc or on the computer.   I hate that!!!

Thanks for visiting.....enjoy!!!!

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  1. Lovely photography! Your children are beautiful!!