Thursday, November 25, 2010


Another blogger, Sarah from "Loving my life" did this really creative "ABC of Thanks" listing all the things she is thankful for.  Her's was a bit more colorful but I am gonna attempt my own version.  

{A}  apple pie scented candles   {B} Brandon
{C} chocolate  {D} Darian 

{E} eggs for breakfast

{F} family    {G}grandparents {H} my HOME

{I} Iced mochas   {J} John, my husband  {K} KYA

{L} lip balm   {M}being a MOMMY

{N} niece Maya   {O} oreos

{P} puppies  {Q} cozy QUILTS   {R} road trips

{S} Scrapbooking     {T} teachers  {U} underwear, clean

[V]Voting   (W} warm, cuddly robes  (X} pX90 workout

{Y} yogurt smoothies  {Z} catching some ZZZ's

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