Friday, November 19, 2010

Show us your life-scrapbooking/homeschooling room

Today at Kelly's Korner is "Show us your life:playroom, laundry room, craft room.   When we were first shown this house by our realtor, my husband was creeped out by the previous owners decorating in all the lower level rooms.  The upper levels weren't much better.   This house has a bunch of little rooms, previous used as quilting and sewing rooms.   A large room was used as a "wrestling" room, we believe.   I turned one into a homeschooling room  and the other into a scrapbooking room.    We don't homeschool but it is used as a summer 'study' room and the kids do arts and crafts in there when I am in the scrap room or the workout area.  
This is their room, all decked out in primary colors and bright shelves and containers. 

The petting zoo.   Guinea pigs Shiloh and Kirby

This is my craft, scrap room in a REALLY bright pink with black accents.   I used the black and white tiled floor as the base.  I just really love neon pink.  What can I say.

Table skirts were made by my Mother-in-law.  She did a great job.  White cabinets are from Michaels

Tool box thing from Lowes used as an embellishment cady

Lastly, this is our basement laundry room.   It is blues, greens and chocolates.   The black tile flooring doesn't quite go with the decor colors.  

Clothes baskets with labels

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  1. What great rooms! I love the bright cheery colors!

  2. Wow, I LOVE all the bright colors! My 6 year old would be in heaven in your playroom ;) I need you to come do my house, ha! Your kiddos are beautiful too. What a precious family! Thanks for dropping by my blog, I did my Flashback Friday so check it out! I'm looking forward to following your adventure. God bless and best wishes always.

  3. These are great! I love the colors of your study room! Believe it or not, those were my wedding Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green. Just LOVE them! Your spaces are so organized!

  4. Thanks so much for all the comments. So nice of everyone!!!!

  5. Hi Kelly,
    OMG I love your scrap room. Where did you get the black cork board? I love it:) The play room is wonderful I'm such your kids love it I know my son WOULD:) You are so organized, you've inspired me to go redo my Scrap room!!!