Monday, November 29, 2010


{1}  It's monday, I'm really tired and could really use a coffee.  Or iced tea.
{2} Worked my 24 hour shift yesterday and what started out as a slow but tiring day turned into the longest night ever!
{3} I usually relax a bit by watching something from my DVR when I return home.  I had the movie "What Women Want" with Mel Gibson on there,  so that seemed like a fun choice.   Geez, Mel used to be so charming and funny before going all nutso!!!

 {4} Out of the mouth of my sweet little babe!!   My little Kya, 5 years old is starting to become quite the smart apple.   She is saying things that are so funny.  And odd.  Where has my sweet little butterball gone?

Look at that innocent face.   I was told of this funny thing she said on Thanksgiving, with my In-Laws.   My Sister-In-Law, Karen was out here visiting and was telling everyone how she is 42 years old but someone said she didn't look over 35.  Kya turns to Aunt Karen and says "well he was lying".  They are still laughing over that one.   Don't you love when children think you are old?

The other day I was reading Kya a Pinkalicious book and the little pinkalicious girl loved to tell jokes.   One of the books jokes was "Where do cows go on a first date"?  I was trying to get her to guess the answer and was giving her hints.  I asked her where she thought people would go on a first date and she said "to a hotel".  OK, YOU BETTER NO GO THERE ON A FIRST DATE!   Where do they get this stuff?      Probably from her brother who a few years back, at age 7 wanted to be a PROM MOM!!   HA!
Look at that devilish grin. 

Visit Carissa Graham at lower case letters.   She is really hip and has a lot of cool things to say!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


It's the 12 days of Christmas with ALY over at Analyze this and I am a bit behind.   It's day 6  but I will throw in a quick Day 5,  WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE HOLIDAY MOVIES?  We always watch the old favorites here at our house.  It's a Wonderful Life,  numerous versions of Christmas Carol,  Miracle on 34th Street.  Now I have added a few that I will watch on my own, like

Love Actually.   Love everyone in it and it has such great music.   Also, The Holiday, which is so sweet and fells very Christmasy.   Jack Black is very charming and seems to be having fun with Kate W.   Gotta love it!!!

There is a TV movie called "Recipe for a perfect Christmas" on Lifetime, I believe, that is absolutely adorable.   If you haven't seen it, try it. 

Day 6   Gifts for yourself
I get to pick things out for myself?   Not my kids/nieces.  Nephews? 

Camera lenses
A fancy camera bag
A wool coat
One of those E-reader things
An updated phone with all the gadgets
initial jewelry like you see on ETSY
Luxurious sheets
Big, fluffy robes.  pink
Cricut Cartridges

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Another blogger, Sarah from "Loving my life" did this really creative "ABC of Thanks" listing all the things she is thankful for.  Her's was a bit more colorful but I am gonna attempt my own version.  

{A}  apple pie scented candles   {B} Brandon
{C} chocolate  {D} Darian 

{E} eggs for breakfast

{F} family    {G}grandparents {H} my HOME

{I} Iced mochas   {J} John, my husband  {K} KYA

{L} lip balm   {M}being a MOMMY

{N} niece Maya   {O} oreos

{P} puppies  {Q} cozy QUILTS   {R} road trips

{S} Scrapbooking     {T} teachers  {U} underwear, clean

[V]Voting   (W} warm, cuddly robes  (X} pX90 workout

{Y} yogurt smoothies  {Z} catching some ZZZ's


Have you wished you were a different person, lived somewhere else, had a nicer home, better job, different life?  I was having one of those days today.  I was wondering why I am at work when everyone else is at a family dinner.   It's Thanksgiving.  I am on the computer.  I sometimes wonder what is the point of all this.  Does anyone read these things?  Well, I have a job.   It pays pretty well.  I am thankful for that.  A lot of people are out of work.   I have a home, cars, heat, I have blog friends!!   Great kids.

Aren't they cute?
An awesome husband,  the best parent's-in-law, ever.  They do so much for us.  A wild and crazy extended family, even though they are 2000 miles away.  I have never been sick, nor has my family. 
I ran into this little girl a few days ago.   Ten weeks pregnant,  two little ones under three and living in a shelter.  Her boyfriend is on the streets as he can't stay at the shelter.  
So I am THANKFUL.  I have  a home, food, clothes, junk.  So much junk.   Junk I am thankful for!!!


Bunch of great stuff being given away at the Latte Lounge.   Copic pens (I don't have any yet but I am asking Santa for them), kits, punches and stamps.  Lots of loot.   Check out THIS place to find out about it!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Top 2 tuesday

It's top 2 tuesday over at The Undomestic Momma.   This is a fun, mommy blog with Tay and her family.  She has fun giveaways and right now she is hosting a giveaway for a really cute shower curtain.  My kids and husbands tear up our shower curtains.  I could use a new one!   Go on over and visit her HERE.

Top 2   what's on your wishlist?

{1} This Epson R1900 printer.   It prints out 12 x 12 pages.  So cool for scrapbooking. 

{2}  To visit my family.  I really miss everyone and it is so expensive to fly all of us to California.  I grew up in the San Fernando Valley but they are all spread out in Northern Ca and Southern Ca, now.  
Thanks to Tay for having this link!!!

12 Days of Christmas

Today I'm participating in "12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS"  with Aly @ Analyze this and I'm a day late so i will do day's 1 and 2

(DAY 1)
Holiday Traditions.  Now that I have my own family, we do things a bit different from when I was a kid.   We go to the christmas services on Christmas Eve, where the children do a Nativity pageant.  Here are my little ones last year.  Ok, ick, Kya has food in her mouth!!!

Then we head over to Grandma Betty's for Christmas eve dinner.

Love Grandma's pink poinsettas.

(DAY 2)
Black Friday traditions.
I usually cut out all the ads with the best stuff.  Print out a list of things we all want.   Put all the pretty pictures next to the things on the list....the send my hubby out at 4 in the morning with our pal Korcky, who loves to get up at the crack of dawn!!!   I don't have to do anything and I get to sleep!!!!!

My first blog award!!

I was so excited to receive my first blog award.  Thanks so much to Norma over at Pink bling crafter.  She has a great blog with lots of sparkly craft stuff!  Go over and say Hi.

That is so cool that someone thinks my blog is 'stylish'.

I am now supposed to tell 8 things about myself

I work a 24 hour shift, one day a week, at our local hospital.
I am an Ultrasound tech.
I am a night owl and would stay up all night if I could.
The feel of chalk totally freaks me out!
I have to have some form of chocolate with every meal.
I am always craving Indian food.
My husbands driving scares me.
I spend a lot more money than I make.

I am now going to pass this award along to 8 fabulous bloggers!!

Whitney @Pretty whitty
Lyndsey @ It's a love story
Stephanie @ Blue-eyed boy met a brown-eyed girl
Lauren @ Lauren's creative
Amy @ Amy's life
Melissa  @ Stafford Stories
Tammy @ Mommy life with 5
Mandy @ Harper's Happenings

Now these 8 super bloggers will do the same.    
-post the award
-link back to me
-mention 8 things about themselves
-pass this award to 8 really cool bloggers they love!!
-let them know you are giving them an award.

I have really enjoyed reading about ya'

Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Photo shoots

My favorite time during the holiday season is taking the pictures for our Christmas card.  OK, not really!   Crying, whining, bloody noses.  Yes, we had one of those thanks to a very scratchy winter sweater.  It wouldn't stop and we took the pics a week later.   We have huge families, living all over the country and some in Europe.   This picture is the only time anyone sees our babies!!   Ok, with Facebook now, some of the younger cousins have access to our kid pics.  

These are some photos from photo shoots past:

It was almost dark when I took these but I was determined to get the cards ordered that night.

Darian was not having any of this!!!
This didn't scan well.

I was going for a kind of European look with Kya's dress.  I found it on Etsy but can't remember who made it.   It was so cute and could have been worn the following year but all the colors bled together when it was washed and it looked splotchy.   Love the big bows.

This wasn't a "card" shoot.   We were visiting the downtown mall. 

One year is missing.  I can't find the photo shoot on disc or on the computer.   I hate that!!!

Thanks for visiting.....enjoy!!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Paper Sundaes challenge #44

Hi everyone.   Today is the last day to enter the "Pick your sundae toppings" challenge at Paper Sundaes  so I thought I would get in on it.   I usually do 'family' scrapbooks and rarely make cards so this is my way to 'design' some cards and have a bit of fun!!   Linking them up to the challenges will get me used to posting/linking and keeping track of the challenges.   I really want to get out of my comfort zone and take more chances with my supplies and embellishments.  My toppings were blue, punches, ribbon and embossing. 

Stamp was made with red and aqua flocking

Supplies used:  Paper by B & C company, Martha Stewart border punch, Tim Holtz design embossing folder and charm was from Cricut cartridge Doodlecharms.

Thanks for stopping by

Stamp give away!!!

Chrissy at "Paper, Ink, Color"  is giving away the cutest set of stamps.  This is what they look like.  Aren't they adorable!!!   They are from Lili of the Valley.  I really want this set.   I am starting to do cards with "stamps" and these would really help to get me started!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Show us your life-scrapbooking/homeschooling room

Today at Kelly's Korner is "Show us your life:playroom, laundry room, craft room.   When we were first shown this house by our realtor, my husband was creeped out by the previous owners decorating in all the lower level rooms.  The upper levels weren't much better.   This house has a bunch of little rooms, previous used as quilting and sewing rooms.   A large room was used as a "wrestling" room, we believe.   I turned one into a homeschooling room  and the other into a scrapbooking room.    We don't homeschool but it is used as a summer 'study' room and the kids do arts and crafts in there when I am in the scrap room or the workout area.  
This is their room, all decked out in primary colors and bright shelves and containers. 

The petting zoo.   Guinea pigs Shiloh and Kirby

This is my craft, scrap room in a REALLY bright pink with black accents.   I used the black and white tiled floor as the base.  I just really love neon pink.  What can I say.

Table skirts were made by my Mother-in-law.  She did a great job.  White cabinets are from Michaels

Tool box thing from Lowes used as an embellishment cady

Lastly, this is our basement laundry room.   It is blues, greens and chocolates.   The black tile flooring doesn't quite go with the decor colors.  

Clothes baskets with labels

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