My 101 in 1001 days

This is my 101 things in 1001 days, which started on September 1, 2010 and will end on May 28, 2013.  Let's see how things go.    The colored ones are COMPLETED.   Italics means I'm working on them.   Plain just means I have not even started on it.

1. Wake up a 1/2 hour earlier
2. Get fully dressed, from head to toe, before lounging around the house.
3. Start a workout program.
4. Follow the eating plan to the above workout.
5. Lose 15 lbs. and maintain it.
6. Take a bubble bath...with a mask and light candles.
7. Have a manicure.   Maintain nice nails(no picking)
8. Have a facial.
9. Buy a new "head to toe" outfit, once a season.
10. Drink 10 large glasses of water, every day.
11.Find a primary care doctor.
12. Maintain a full 8 hours of sleep a night.
13. Go one day a month W/O sugar.
14. Take a full set of vitamins a day.
15. Wean off Effexor.
16. Have teeth whitened.
17. See a chiropractor for better posture.
18. Establish a savings of 1000 dollars or more (in my part time account)
19. Learn all about our finances.
20. Organize all digital photos up onto computer.
21. Put all hard copy photos into albums.
22. Transfer all VHS to DVD's.
23. Organize recipes.
24. Use coupons for each grocery visit.
25. Purchase and paint bookshelves for basement.
26. Purchase 2 new camera lenses and know how to use them. (1of 2)
27. Visit 3 new US cities.
28. Try 6 new restaurants in town. (2 of 6)
29. Take a sleigh ride at Christmas time.
30. Visit another country.
31. See a play or musical.
32. Watch 3 foreign films. (1 of 3).
33. Make a 4 course meal.
34. Watch 3 documentaries.
35. Learn a foreign language.
36. Make a fancy dessert, once a month.
37. Plant 3 new garden areas in our yard.
38. buy a piece of 'personal' jewelry from ETSY.
40. Submit a photo to I Heart Faces.
41. Get a blog started.
42. Invest in Photoshop and learn how to use it.
43. Learn a 'photo alteration' technique and send the results to someone, once a month.
44. Learn a new scrapbooking technique, once a month.
45. Learn how to do Digital scrapping.
46. Do 3 scrapbooking pages a month.
47. Start video taping events and store/post them.
48. Join in on a mommy/adoption chat site.
49. Sit down and spend 15 minutes of QUALITY time with John and the kids.
50. Walk with the kids, through a new neighborhood, once a month.
51. Go 1 day with NO negative thoughts.
52. Do a walk/run for charity.
53. Read 3 books that help me to be a better parent.
54. Take the kids to the zoo, once a year.
55. Visit the Feline Rescue Center.
56. Sponsor a 'big cat'.
57. Take the kids to Chuck E Cheese.
58. Condition and comb out Kya's hair, everyday.
59. Volunteer and the kids school.
60. Do quiet prayer time with the kids, once a week.
61. Pay for the person behind me in a drive-thru.
62. Send a care package to a soldier.
63. Make 2 meals for someone in need.
64. Send an unexpected gift, any occassion, once a year.
65. Join a new church.
66. Put food in collections bins, 2 times a year.
67. Teach the kids about a new place, once a week.
68. Teach the kids about a composer or artist, once a week.
69. Learn about 3 different religions.
70. Send 3 random, handwritten letters.
71. Send 3 random facebook messages.
72. Play with my dogs at least 10 minutes a day.
73. Take my dogs to a 'Doggie shop' and let them pick something out.
74. Work on dog training 2 times a week.
75. Teach the dogs 2 tricks.
76. Do 3 doggie trail walks a year.
77. Have tags made with the dogs names engraved on them.
78. Sponsor a child from Compassionate Friends.
79. Listen to music in Peoples park, twice. (0 of 2)
80. Donate to an adoption/fertility fundraiser.
81. Send a letter/email of condolence to a stranger.
82. Take the guinea pigs out to play, once a week.
83. Celebrate "Doggie Gotcha Day".
84. Make a donation or sponsor a pet on Petfinder.
85. Go on a picnic once a year. (0 of 2)
86. Foster an animal.
87. Brush dogs teeth every other day.
88. Have dinner by candlelight.
89. Donate to a family in need.
90. Treat a friend to lunch.
91. Join the SDMS.(Ultrasound Society).
92. Learn about something 'medical' related, once a week.
93. Get a 'sellers' account on EBAY and start selling!
94. Read 5 non-fiction books (no murder, romance or self-help) (2 of 5)
95. Have all my walls covered in art or photos.
96. Sponsor a child from the Angel Tree at christmas.
97. Join a bible study or do online/book study.
98. Visit Indiana Beach.
99.  Visit Conner Prairie
100. Purchase a sewing machine and learn how to use it.
101. Visit 3 state parks.

***102.  Give my husband and kids great big kisses everyday!