Friday, December 31, 2010


                               JOYOUS KWANZAA

Tommorow is the last day of Kwanzaa and the first day of the New Year.    
These photos are from Kya's first Kwanzaa and the two of them looking through their books and making activities.   Kya's dress was made by her Grandma Sue and was the closest thing I could find to the "colors".  

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Holiday highlights

Some of the highlights of Christmas week.  We had a very relaxing week, hanging out at one of the malls in town and visiting with John's parents on Christmas eve.   Grandpa wasn't feeling too hot so we just stayed home(no Christmas pageant) this year.

Kya talking to the "Talking tree".  We thought it was going to be a "tree" character, like a Disney Character.  Nope.  It was this goofy face.   I think it scared many of the kids!!!

Dreaming of a white Christmas.   He fell asleep waiting for Santa.

Both yawning while waiting up with crackers for Santa.   They chose "reduced fat" Ritz crackers as they thought Santa was getting a bit pudgy!!

Tammy trying out her new catnip toy.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This year is coming to an end and I hope everyone has had a great year!!!!   Looking forward to hearing how everyone's Christmas holiday went.    We had a nice relaxing holiday. 

I am going to link up with Jamie for "What I'm loving Wednesday"  and here is a list of some of them.

I am loving the look on Kya's face and how excited she is about getting a dollar bill in her stocking at Grandmas.    So funny!    I didn't want to ruin her excitement by telling her that that dollar wouldn't get her as far as our mailbox!  Ha ha!

I am loving these skin care products by MD Forte.   If you want really tight pores and be zit free, this is a good one.  My skin has been a nightmare lately,  dry but breaking out and although this stuff is strong,  it seems to be doing the trick.    I bought both a strong, level 3 set with alpha hydroxy and a "plain" set to offset the chemicals from the other stuff. 

I am loving the BOKEH tutorial from Amanda @   It was easy and my kids REALLY got a kick out of the cute lights made from the tree.   I will attempt to do a better job next year!



I am loving  getting together with old friends after too many years have passed!
We met up with two of John's high school buddies and their wives and kids.  We hadn't seen them in over 6 years, when the kids were still babies/toddlers.  We had spaghetti tacos(i-carly) and the girls brought out the fondue maker.  So much fun!!!  Very sad how people get busy and you realize that SO much time has passed and you miss these people!

These are the wonderful kids we spent the day with. 

I am loving Carol's Daughters hair products for my little one's very stubborn hair!!!   This stuff is awesome and makes her hair smell so good.    We used them once before but then went back to the store bought stuff.   I was so glad to receive a "holiday" discount for the products on their website. 

Poor Kya.   This is her trying to get away from me while I was attempting to brush through her hair.   It was at that time that I knew we needed to try something else.

Thanks for stopping by!!!!  Have a great year.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas

Have a very blessed holiday.    Merry Christmas!

         Isaiah 7:14

                          Therefore the Lord himself will give
                          you a sign.  Behold, the virgin shall
                          conceive and bear a son, and shall call
                          his name Immanuel.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What I'm loving Wednesday

It's wednesday already, almost Christmas and there's excitement in the air.    Time to join in with Jamie for "What I'm loving Wednesday"  

I am loving the relationship between dogs and their "kids".   What a great thing!!!

The first shot is Kya and her little girl, sheltie mix, Tia.    The second picture is a new family member, baby Maclaren born in August and her Frenchie, Winston.    Too cute!!!!

I am loving hanging out with my boy, Darian, at the Fountain Square Mall yesterday.   We had a good time looking at all the decorations,  sipping hot chocolate and having a grilled cheese.   Very fun!

I am loving this new dress I got for Kya off Etsy.   It has a bit of a Kimono look and I love the pattern.  It was from Emaleigh's Cupboard and I really love it!

These pictures are the pits!

I am loving these cute doggie tags I had made for my pups.  I had been promising them i'd get them tags with their names on them.  They were bored with those rabies tag things!!!

Thanks for stopping by....Have a Merry Christmas!!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I miss you, baby boy

My little Brandon,  we were blessed to have you in our lives only a short time and we are so very thankful for that time.    We miss you so very much!!!

I MISS that cute little squeal noise you would make when you were excited about something.

I MISS when you would see your mommy and say "mum mum mum".

I MISS you getting so excited to tear open all the presents at Christmas time and put the bows on your head.

I MISS how you would pull ornaments off the tree and bang them together and how big your eyes would get when the ornaments would crumble into pieces.

I MISS how you would bob back and forth while humming the theme song to Jeopardy.  We don't watch game shows anymore.

I MISS how you would point to the hallway and whimper when you wanted to go take a nap.

I MISS your preschool teachers telling me that you would pull on their bra straps and give them a good old snap!

I MISS your mischievous grin when you were about to grab at something you weren't supposed to touch. 

I MISS how you loved me to sing "Pop goes the Weasel"  and how you would squeak when i would exaggerate the "Pop" and tap on your forehead as I said it.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010


It's wednesday again.  Where does the time go?  I thought I'd link up with Jamie for "What I'm loving Wednesday as I love reading what all the other bloggers are lovin'. 

I'm loving my neon snow princess.   Isn't she a hoot!!!!

Yep, she went out w/o pants!!!

I'm loving this cute chair skirt from one of my decorating for under 100 dollar magazines.   This would look so cute in my craft room, all done up with pink/black!!!

This is my room and where the chair would sit.

I am loving these fudge wreaths from Rachael Ray.   I make them every year and usually end up eating one all by myself.  They have currents in them and I have no idea what a current is.  Maybe a mini raisin.   Gives them something extra.

I am loving that my little ones wanted to help out another child at Christmas time.   They were happy to have Santa give some of their "toys" to someone else in need.   We chose a child from the "Angel Tree",  a teenager named Aaliyah.   We decided to go with an older child as toddlers/young kids would be easier and would be chosen first.   

This is the angel ornament and then the kids dropping off the gifts at the Salvation Army.  We picked out a shirt, CD player and some CD's.     

I am loving my little Kya's  art that she brought home from school today.   She was so proud of her "Donner" reindeer picture.

        Thanks for stopping by.  I am loving ya'all.