Monday, November 29, 2010


{1}  It's monday, I'm really tired and could really use a coffee.  Or iced tea.
{2} Worked my 24 hour shift yesterday and what started out as a slow but tiring day turned into the longest night ever!
{3} I usually relax a bit by watching something from my DVR when I return home.  I had the movie "What Women Want" with Mel Gibson on there,  so that seemed like a fun choice.   Geez, Mel used to be so charming and funny before going all nutso!!!

 {4} Out of the mouth of my sweet little babe!!   My little Kya, 5 years old is starting to become quite the smart apple.   She is saying things that are so funny.  And odd.  Where has my sweet little butterball gone?

Look at that innocent face.   I was told of this funny thing she said on Thanksgiving, with my In-Laws.   My Sister-In-Law, Karen was out here visiting and was telling everyone how she is 42 years old but someone said she didn't look over 35.  Kya turns to Aunt Karen and says "well he was lying".  They are still laughing over that one.   Don't you love when children think you are old?

The other day I was reading Kya a Pinkalicious book and the little pinkalicious girl loved to tell jokes.   One of the books jokes was "Where do cows go on a first date"?  I was trying to get her to guess the answer and was giving her hints.  I asked her where she thought people would go on a first date and she said "to a hotel".  OK, YOU BETTER NO GO THERE ON A FIRST DATE!   Where do they get this stuff?      Probably from her brother who a few years back, at age 7 wanted to be a PROM MOM!!   HA!
Look at that devilish grin. 

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  1. Your daughter is beautiful :) I love the pictures you post !!!