Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday

                             Happy Wednesday!!!!!

If you would like to join in, check out Jamie over HERE. She has a very cute blog and it's her 2 year anniversary blogging!!!!

I am loving these two wonderful children.  They are the best thing in my life despite the fact that there are days I'd like to sell them to gypsies!!!  Ok, I'd never do that!!!  They are just too cute!

I am loving this book,  "The Five Love Languages of Children".  It basically helps you figure out which "style" of communication your child speaks (special love language).  I have trouble figuring out children in general, so this is a big help!

I am loving that one of my fav's, Natalie Portman, received an Oscar the other day for her work on "Black Swan".   Such a great performance!    I thought she was so cute, waddling around as pregnant Novalee on "Where the heart is".  Now she is a mature actress, pregnant  for the first time in real life.

If you have never seen a movie called "The Professional", it's really cool and Natalie plays a young teenage, wanabe hitman.   Yes, it's a bit violent.   She is very impressive, though.  

I am loving that it is no longer February!   Am I the only one that felt that Feb. was the longest month ever???  Can't wait til' our lawn turns green again.   

Thanks for stopping by!!!!


  1. Those are some cutie patutie kiddos! Thanks for stopping by my blog I am definately a new follower!!!

  2. I read the pages about your adoptions and your sweet baby in Heaven. So touching! Really enjoying your blog!

  3. That book looks really good! I think I'll get it ;)

  4. Thanks for stopping by our blog today! Your family is so beautiful! I love Natalie Portman and "Where The Heart Is" is one of my all-time favorites!!