Friday, March 4, 2011

Show us your life: FAMILY

             Show us your life:MEET THE FAMILY

Today over at Kelly's Korner, all of  our wonderful families are being showcased.   My family is SO far away and I just don't get the chance to talk to them, or about them, as much as I'd like.   We are a goofy lookin' group but oh so very fun!

Meet Tom and Sue, my parents

My dad....

* loves to golf.
* has never met a golf course he didn't like.
* does everything he can to get his family together.
* is one of 12 siblings;  they are a wild bunch and love to have a good time.
* can eat the spiciest food without breaking a sweat.
* loves Vegas.
* loves his grand kids!!!  He is like the Pied Piper....they follow him everywhere. 
* attends 5:30 mass on saturday, every week with mom.
* greatest dad, EVER!!!

                                                 My Mom.........
Kya and Grandma @ Gusthof's.
* lives in Indio, CA, where it's 115 degrees, all the time!
* is known for mowing the lawn in a bikini.   Did I just type that out loud?
* has cooked a meal, painted a room and folded laundry, at the same time, while visiting our house.
* grew up in Cross Plains, Wisc. (funny name), 1 of 5 girls.
* swims every day.
* is a sun worshiper.
* thinks her daughters spend WAY too much money.
* is a golf widow.
* had 5 kids in 7 years.
* coolest mom and grandma, EVER!!!

                       These are their kids.  I am the big one.

We grew up in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, an Irish, Catholic family.

                                                   This is SHANNON  and she ......

* is mother to Maya.  Wife to Steve.
* did natural childbirth.
* is a middle school Spanish teacher (yikes!)
* is nice to everyone and soft spoken.
* is a Sacramento, CA resident.
* is a vegetarian.
* is the youngest of 5.
* was born during an earthquake.

                                This is ERIN and she......

* is a single girl.
* is a Davis, CA resident.
* works in a dental office.   Makes dentures.
* is a Boston Terrier owner.
* always had green hair growing up.  Most likely from swimming!

                             This is KERRY and she......
* is married to Englishman, Neil. (shown above)
* travels to England and France often. (lucky chick)
* is a vegetarian.
* doesn't want children.
* is a kindergarten teacher.
* was arrested for protesting the budget cuts at LA Unified School District. 

                         This is JOEL and he.......

* is a former "mullet" wearer.
* is an Alabama resident.
* is the middle child, between 4 girls.
* was the cook at his rehab center for awhile. (yes, he was on a rocky path for just a bit but is doing well now.)
* has a new girlfriend; they have a pet chicken.

Thanks for stopping by to meet my family!


  1. Beautiful family. Love your page :)

  2. I just read your comment on my page and clicked over to your blog. I love your page and your family story is so sweet!I love all of your pics that you posted! I am a follower of your blog now:)

  3. I've seen a ton of these in the last day or two, but I have to say that your post was the best! Your family looks like so much fun. And I adore that your brother was rockin the mullet! :)