Friday, March 11, 2011


Oh my goodness,  I haven't posted since last Friday!!!   That is sad.   Back again with Kelly from Kelly's Korner for "Show us your life: children's parties".
Our kids'  birthday parties have mainly consisted of family parties with assorted family friends and their kids, neighbors and family members.   We have yet to have "class" parties.  That makes me a bit nervous.   But I am so excited to have all Kya's little friends over for tea parties or sleepovers.  

**As I peek through some of the other party set ups on Kelly's,   mine are a bit simple.   I am a bit embarrassed!

Our first born, Brandon, had 3 pretty big "family" parties for his first 3 years.   

He really did have fun.   He looks exhausted!!!!!
 An "Under the sea" party with a cute dolphin ring toss and dolphin cake.  His outfit had these little fish on it and got completely trashed by the cake!!!

For his 2nd birthday we had a "Firehouse" theme with trucks and Dalmations.   The kids (and adults) wore plastic fire hats.   Brandon had a rash on his face and was a bit cranky towards the end.  

Back then I was still using those pre-made invites.  These days they are all printed up on the computer and personalized.

I am trying to scan these from a HUGE scrapbook and they are lookin' a bit blurry!

Playing with one of the firetrucks he received.   He looks a bit sad here.  I promise he is usually a bit more "smiley".

His 3rd birthday was "Rubber Duckies", his favorite thing. .   He thought his party was the coolest thing. 

**Putting these pictures together for this post, I got a bit upset, thinking about the two birthdays to follow these ones.   For his 4th birthday we really didn't do much of anything.     I was going to California for a wedding and didn't have time to work on a party.   I remember we didn't even sing "Happy Birthday".   It makes me feel  sick thinking about it as he would only have one more birthday.     And I couldn't find any pics or remember his LAST birthday.    

Such a sweet boy!   Miss him so much.

These are a few of Darian and Kya's parties.   We usually go on day trips or are out of town around the time of their birthdays and will celebrate them by going on the trip.   Darian's is July 5th,  so a 4th of July theme is a popular one for the poor boy!!!!

Celebrating with big brother.
Darian had a big, backyard luau.  Very fun, lots of food.   I attempted so many "Hawaiian" type dishes that I accidently left one of them in the oven.  All day!!!

And, lastly,  Kya's first birthday was a "Ladybug" party at a park.  It rained all day and I was so stressed out.   It brightened up and was a pleasant day and Kya was so perky in her little red/white outfit. 

Oh man, we totally cute the cake before taking a picture of it!

Wow.....very long post!!!           Thank you so much for visiting. 


  1. LOVE all of the parties! Especially the Ladybug party!

  2. Love all these ideas, so cute. I really adore that duck cake!

  3. It would be hard to pick which kid and which theme would be the cutest! :) They are ALL adorable! Love your blog and became a follower!


  4. Your kids have touched a special place in my heart. Saying special prayers for you this week!

  5. Cute parties! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I love meeting new moms in the Blog world!