Monday, March 28, 2011

Meet me on Monday

It's "getting to know you" time over at Never growing old.  Head on over and visit and Play "Meet me on Monday". 

{1} Crunchy or soft tacos?
Oh, definitely the crunchy ones.   Lots of shredded beef.  Maybe shrimp!

{2} Do you scrapbook?
I do scrapbook.  I have for many years.   I started out just putting a pile of pics in these huge, 20x18 books(or some size like that) and then added  a few stickers and memorabilia.   

They  have evolved a bit.   I now try to showcase one picture, using bows, ink, paint and brads, trying to give them more personality!    I wish I could be a bit more elaborate with them but I am so far behind; I just don't have time to spend all day working on them.  Wish I did.  I am practicing with some new techniques right now and will put them to use on some pages soon.    These are a few of the ones from last year.  

{3} Do you take any daily medications? 
After 5 years of being on an Anti-anxiety/depression meds, I was glad to wean myself off of them last September.   I was put on them after our little boy passed away and I was just feeling a bit "off".   Gettin' off those darn things was the worst thing ever!!!  I just didn't want to be taking a "medication" so I slowly dumped the little pellet things inside them.   It worked and I am free.    I do take Yasmin, a BCP, for my skin, as it has a tendency to break out like a mad man.  

{4} What is your favorite sound?
This is probably a pretty popular sound.  I really relax with the sound of ocean waves.   Don't hear them here in Indiana so I listen to "sounds" CD's if needed.  

{5} Where were you born?
Los Angeles,  CA

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  1. thanks for stopping by should come to Branson its a great place to visit and so much more than the titanic there..I wish i could get off my anxiety and dep pills i was in a bad car wreck and have been on them for 8 years now, its a battle, have a great day!!!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog! Love your blog!! Hope you have a great week!