Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!!    I am linking up with Jamie @This kind of love for WILW.

I am loving all the wonderful people having birthdays this month!   My mom and mother-in-law (they were born on the same day).  My dad and two of my sisters.  They were all born the first two weeks of February.    The thing that is NOT so lovely is that after the  chaos of the holidays, January whips by and I realize,  Oh no, Feb. is here!!!  

I am loving this cute t-shirt from Target.   Such a feel of urban cuteness!!!

I am loving that a Pennsylvania couple built a medieval castle for themselves and three children.   It took 4 years and they sent their architect to England to get all the details correct.    This was in our last paper, in the "HOME" section and very cool.

I am loving that my sweetie brought me this yummy piece of cake just now after running a few after dinner errands.   So good with all it's chocolaty, cheesecake goodness!  This is from a local place called SWEET GRASS,  a  Carolina inspired restaurant that opened last year.  They have the best Shrimp Po' boy!!

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  1. Um, that piece of cake looks divine! And, can your kiddos be any cuter? Seriously, I don't think so. :) I look forward to reading your blog!!!

  2. I love that shirt its adorable, and so is she!

    That cake looks amazing, My downfall for sure!

  3. Holy Cow that cake looks AMAZING! Lucky girl ;)