Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ice storms and power outages

So glad to have the power back on!   1,000's of people in our town are still without power, along with  people in other states.  Being trapped in their homes, feeling a bit helpless.   

I felt like a big baby yesterday, cold and irritable and thinking about how folks got through life before electricity.   I guess we take it for granted having heat and walking around in bright light.   And TV.  

We are never prepared when the power goes out.   Flashlights are battery-less, no candles.   No "no-heat" food.    Living out in the woods, we have a few power line issues.   But never with these low temps.   So when we lost power the other day it became bloody cold in this house!!!  

When the power first went out the other night, feeling the withdrawal of not having my evening TV shows and having no desire to go to sleep,   I decided to check to check to see how much energy, plutonium, whatever keeps it running and put in a Netflix DVD,  LA Vie EN ROSE.   Apparently shivering and reading subtitles go hand in hand.  

The Next day I sat on a chair in our loft, with PJ's, robe, knit cap, scarf, mittens and 2 blankets and read for a good 6 hours straight!!   The dogs were at my feet and I had a bag of Taco Bell dropped off mid day.   It was too gloomy dark in the house to get anything done and a bit too cold.   My kids don't share my love of sitting like a lump and reading so they ran around town with daddy, despite the hazardous road conditions.   

By the afternoon we had a generator and a couple of space heaters, which didnt seem to make a dent in the freezing house.  

I took a few pics of Kya near some icy branches.   She only lasted a few minutes outside!

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  1. So glad you all have electricity now !!! Some bad winter storms everywhere ! Love the pictures of Kya in her purple hat ! She is a beauty !!!
    Stay warm !