Friday, February 11, 2011

Show us your life: Beauty tips

Kelly @ Kelly's Korner is featuring Beauty secrets/tips on "Show us your life" today.  
I am by no means an expert on anything "beauty".  I have always been a bit critical of the way I look and sometimes self conscious.  I go through phases of getting all prettied up before I leave the house and other times just rolling out of bed and leaving.   These are just some basic tips to keep the "ickies" away.

                   {1} Choose the right products

Using the wrong colors and product type can make us all look a bit "clownish".  I love mineral makeup.  It looks natural and doesn't give me that "pore-clogged" look.   ID Bare minerals has great tones and the blushes look very natural.  

This gel(above) is great for smoothing out skin tone and reducing pores and redness.   It can be dabbed on skin w/o makeup if you need to run out the door quickly.

A lash curler is a must for us hooded lid people.  Sometimes that and a good mascara that doesn't flake all over the place is all I have time to use in the morning!!!
**just added this---I have been using this eye stick by Benefit since the summer and it is awesome!!  Using a pink highlighter around tear ducts has been recommended by makeup artists for a while now.  It gives that "well rested look" when you have been awake all night.  Really works.

                                {2} Smile
Scowling and frowning is not pretty!   Being a nice, friendly person is always beautiful.  

                        {3} Get plenty of sleep
This is always easier said than done!   Especially  parents of newborns and insomniacs.  If I don't get 8 hours of sleep I look 10 years older!

                                                         {4} Keep up with haircuts and highlights(if you do them)
When I let too much time go between haircuts and having my hair colored, I have what I call the "mousy momma from the black lagoon" look. I can't always afford the highlights and I am lousy about keeping up haircuts.   For some reason the hair color that grows out of my head is a bit too dark for my complexion so highlights really help!! 

My mom used to get annoyed and ask "why did you start coloring your hair, your natural color was so beautiful".  Well, that "childhood" hair sometimes changes, during pregnancy, illnesses, etc.   Through the years we change.
What an attractive look on Darian!

Love this haircolor.  I believe this is Amanda Bynes.   It looks natural without looking too streaky.  

photo via
                     {5} Keep your teeth clean and healthy.

See the dentist regularly and do whitenings.  I have seen young people with NO teeth at ALL or rotten, brown funky teeth.  

Ok, this is really gross!!!!

                 {6} Have a professional facial or peel.
When I was fortunate enough to have this service done, my skin looked so nice!   So relaxing and I felt so pampered. Ok, honestly, some of them hurt like the dickins.   Especially the extractions and the peels.   But my pores looked hot!!!  No crusty, splotchy skin here!


Even dogs need some pampering.

                   {7} Wear the right colors.
If I wear black, gray or anything in the dark purple/blue family I look like I have the flu.  It isn't pretty.   Who can't wear black?   That is so not fair!!!

This is usually my "good " color.  
Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!!!!


  1. ok, the teeth picture has me feeling a bit sick. :)

    Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. I agree about Amanda Bynes- her hair is gorgeous!

  3. Some of your pictures grossed me out a bit, but these were great tips. If I could get the sleep one down, I'd probably be doing a lot better on beauty:) Thanks!

  4. They sound like great products! I'd like to try several of them! I'm blog hopping and found your blog. I LAUGHED at your pictures!! They are great!! I'm now following. Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back!

  5. I am horrible about keeping up with hair appointments, but thankfully my cousin is my stylist and she cuts me some slack. I used to do highlights and loved them, but the upkeep was exhausting. I now do an allover color that is super-duper close to my natural color so my roots aren't too noticeable.