Monday, December 6, 2010


It's Monday @ lowercase letters  and I thought I would link up as I have nothing else to do right now.   Ok, I am super swamped but I had a mandatory work flu shot today and I just feel like I need to rest.  Anyone else feel that way after the shot?

*One of the random things going on is that my husband will now be working from home parts of the week.   It will be nice to have someone here at the house during the day.   He has informed me that the "MAN CAVE"  will have to be cleaned up.  Uuuuggg!!!  That room is scary.

*Did a post office run this morning.    Had the grumpiest woman running the counter.   Humbug!!   Man she was bad.   We have this little tiny "Little house on the Prairie" post office near the kids school.   All those people cramped in that tiny, little space with all those packages.   It was like a sweat fest!!!!

*This may be a bit TMI on this fun link but anxiety has been rearing it's ugly head over here.   I feel like I am taking on too many projects, trying to keep up with everyone else.  I'm trying to do things for the blog, making my house pretty to post the pics of my Christmas decor.   Does it really matter if it's perfect?    I guess anxiety makes a person a bit TYPE A.  You think "oh, I have to do that"   and then start ANOTHER project and then there is unfinished stuff all over the house and nothing is completely put together.   And you start feeling like everything is closing in.   Ok, I hate that!   After my baby passed away is when this feeling started,  the having to have everything done, perfect and organized.  I think sometimes you just have to say "BAG IT".  I don't need to blog this,   craft this, read this.    Just relax!!!!

*Watching this show "The Sing-off".   Kind of fun!!

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