Monday, December 13, 2010


I am a little late linking up with KELLY for the home tour.   Our decor is pretty simple.   I found some old stuff from my husbands childhood and added a new "Pink and Black" tree for my craft room.  

This is our country kitchen tree and an old set of Nutcrackers my husband got in Germany.   I would like to find more to add to the collection.

This is our living room tree, the one that lights up everything and feels so festive as I watch TV and work on the computer.   Trees always look better in real life.  

Some primitive pieces that help hide the TV and PS3 cords

A cute little Nativity set that I found in storage and have no idea where it came from.   I thought the kids would like it.  I made a new paper star for it as the metal one wouldn't stay put!

A favorite ornament.   Our adoption ornament from 2001.   Very colorful!

I love my white tree.   So funky.   I followed Kelly's lead and made the initial ornaments filled with shredded paper and bows.   This tree is in my fuschia hobby room.

This was taken in the living room before being moved to its place downstairs

The card ladder.   The paint job is hideous but its someplace to put my cards and now they aren't stuck all over the staircase. 

THANKS FOR STOPPING BY.   Can't wait to see the other tours!!!


  1. I love your trees !!! The white one especially is my favorite ! We collect Nutcrackers too :) The kids think they are lots of fun :) I agree !!! Love all your decorations :)

  2. Love the card ladder! Such a cute idea!

  3. Gorgeous decorations! :D I am jealous. We didn't do much decorating this year.

  4. LOVE the card ladder! What a freaking awesome idea. Mine are stuck all over our pantry door ;) Love the Nutcrackers too. I danced most of my life, and performed many times in the Nutcracker. My parents got me one each year I performed so I have quite the collection now. My 6 year old loves them and would rather play with them then allow me to decorate with them. They do make for a beautiful displacy come Christmas time!