Thursday, December 30, 2010

Holiday highlights

Some of the highlights of Christmas week.  We had a very relaxing week, hanging out at one of the malls in town and visiting with John's parents on Christmas eve.   Grandpa wasn't feeling too hot so we just stayed home(no Christmas pageant) this year.

Kya talking to the "Talking tree".  We thought it was going to be a "tree" character, like a Disney Character.  Nope.  It was this goofy face.   I think it scared many of the kids!!!

Dreaming of a white Christmas.   He fell asleep waiting for Santa.

Both yawning while waiting up with crackers for Santa.   They chose "reduced fat" Ritz crackers as they thought Santa was getting a bit pudgy!!

Tammy trying out her new catnip toy.

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  1. Fabulous photos :) Love em ALL !!! Have a very Happy New Year :)