Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tail Wagging Tuesday

I thought I would participate in "Tail Wagging Tuesday" today over at Live What You Love.   It's volume 4---show your pups bling!!!   This is our first time to participate, so I will introduce my first adopted little girl, JESSIE. 

Miss JESSIE was adopted in May of '08 and was left at the door of the shelter with a note tied around her neck.   It said to please take care of this dog, Jess and that she loves to be petted.  

I'm not sure if I would call her stuff "BLING".   She is a country girl and has a collar and leash, which she really doesn't like wearing.    For Christmas, she got this cute peace sign name tag from ETSY.

Pretend you don't notice how dirty this stuff is.

Our locally owned pet shop recently burned down and they lost a bunch of pups and kittens(so sad!!).   The owner got her new place up and running and we popped in to check it out and picked up the pretty pink and purple leash/collar set for Jess.   She is a tomboy, so this gives her some feminine flair!!!

Happy Doggie Days!    Please head on over and visit ASPEN and join in with "Tail Wagging Tuesday"


  1. Jessie is so cute! I love her coloring and her ears! Etsy is awesome! Love her charms!

    Happy Tuesday!

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  2. Etsy makes the best stuff for dogs. LOVE IT! Thank you so much for linking up! - Cmae

  3. What a sweetheart of a dog! Love the pink and purple! :-)