Friday, April 15, 2011

SUYL: Booklists

Today, over at Kelly's Korner, "Booklists" are being showcased on SUYL.   I thought I would post some pictures of the "Reading Room" that I put together in a corner of our loft.  It is a place for quiet time, especially for Darian, our son, to get in some quality reading.   It is hard to get him  to sit and read and having this room, with the dogs sitting at his feet, encourages him.

I will be adding another chair and a few more pictures, eventually.

This room is pretty high up and I love having the woods in the background.

Portraits of the kids, reading.

Book racks

Thanks to my mom, I have this lovely pile of books here, waiting for me to get to them.   I am trying to save money right now so it's nice to have this full library RIGHT here.   Real books, no downloading!!!

These are some of them.....

Thanks mom!!!!
I tend to lean towards mysteries/crime novels so we have the same taste.    I DO have a 2 page list of books to read in the next year and will start my list when these are done.   I usually have 2-3 books going at once, including self help types  and parenting books. 
This is one I'm reading now:

This one was recommended by our son's therapist.   It is pretty good.  

Thanks for stopping by!!!!


  1. Wow! All those books look so good!
    We obviously have the same taste in books, as well.

  2. Ohh.... that parenting book looks like something I need to read! "Inflexible" definitely describes my 5 year old!

  3. I LOVE your reading room!!! so cute! and the pictures of the kids reading are precious! I am going to have to do that with Jagger!

  4. Thanks for dropping by my blog...your kids are so cute =)!!! Neat idea to have a reading room!!!

  5. Love the room! I want one of those just for me.

    A friend of mine reads Iris Johansen. I'm gonna have to add her to my list. I just finished 'The Quickie' a couple of months ago. It was .... different. But I liked it.

  6. Those book racks are awesome. I just showed them to my hubs and asked him to make some for our two older girls to have on the wall by their bunk beds. Love them. Awfully cute kiddos. I read Brandon's story and he's just such a little doll. Thank you for sharing him and his story!

  7. I love your book reading area! That is so cool! Erin

    Love your blog! I am following you!