Friday, April 22, 2011

Show us your life: Organizing Tips!!

Today over at Kelly's Korner is SUYL: How you organize. 

Our home is not TOTALLY organized.   We have our junk piles and have times when we can't find anything just like everyone else.    I attempt to follow along with the FLY LADY (Sink Reflections) and do daily "toss outs" and "put aways" of the junk piling up.   That really helps stay clutter free.  For that day, anyway!  

I stack up plastic containers, label everything and put small items in labeled jars.   Baskets with decorative tags and ribbons make putting things away more fun. (for me anyway!!!)

These baskets keep those little nail and makeup containers from getting lost in bathroom drawers and out of the hands of my kids!!

Laudry supply cabinet and baskets for dog towels, above.

Plastic bins for all the craft supplies and labeled magazine holders.

Labeled jars and re-used plastic containers for pet food.   Guinea pigs love them some fancy food containers!!!

I am  a bit old school and still use binder style organizers.  I don't have a blackberry and rarely put anything on my iphone related to schedules.  I carry an organizer book in my purse and I keep this binder at home that is sectioned off with page protectors.  
It has sections for important phone numbers, cleaning schedules, meal plans etc.   It then has plastic compartments for pages from magazines or things I print out on the internet regarding decorating, vacation suggestions,  books and movies, places to hold menus and brochures on classes and fun things to do with the kids.

The book on the left is kept in the scrap room for drawing up sketch ideas.   I use the other one to jot down ideas about possible photo shoots, scrap page ideas,  photoshop info, etc.   I sometimes carry it along in the car in case something interesting pops up, like a cool location to take pics!!!

So these are a few ways that I stay somewhat organized in this crazy mess of a life!!!!
Right now I'm working on a BLOG organizer to keep track of what I'm reading,  what I'm entering(giveways) and so on.   Blogging can be time consuming and it really to save time and have time to spend with the family if I know where everything is!!!

Thanks for stopping by :)    Can't wait to read how everyone else stays organized.


  1. WOW - this is so impressive!!! I love your little baskets with tags and your home journal binder is perfect. Thanks for sharing:)

  2. I love the labeled containers for makeup and nail stuff. I'll be using this idea!

  3. You are so organized! Love your baskets. So cute for something so practical.

  4. I am envious of your organizational skills! I am not nearly that organized! I love your home journal. I love big planners too!

  5. Very organized! :) Love your ideas! :) I am following your blog! Erin

  6. I feel the same way about the notebooks. I have an iPhone but I enjoy writing all my lists on paper. I enjoyed all your ideas.