Friday, July 8, 2011

Day trip to Columbus

What a great day in Columbus.  Indiana. 

We loved looking at all the street sculptures.   We ate at an old time soda fountain with this shiny, self playing organ that Darian thought was the coolest thing ever.   The kids were in absolute heaven when they saw the three story kids museum, Kidscommon.   So much fun and we were there for hours with not a stitch of boredom in sight!!

The kids are hanging out in front of The Commons building.  What cute, little C's.

This climbing structure in the Commons building was really cool.  

The pictures below are at Zaharakos, where we had lunch.
Great food and a really fun waitress.  

And look at the crazy green ice cream soda that Darian ordered.   It was called the "Green River Ice Cream Soda".   Cool for the kids but I optioned out of trying it.  

The look on Darian's face is priceless.

We Headed next door to Kidscommons and the kids had a crazy ball in that place!!!

I mean how can you not have a good time in a place with a play toilet that flushes you down??

Looks like this thing needs some toilet bowl scrubbing!

This climbing wall was a blast for Kya...until she smacked into it.

Quite a fun day trip!!!

Love this place and we will be back.

The Japanese House, below, was pretty interesting.   

The kids had fun making sushi.

Our last stop of the day was Freedom Field Park,  kind of like a Rolls Royce of parks.   For us, anyway.

Thanks Columbus for a great day.   Except for all the one-way streets that kind of threw me!!

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  1. Wow super touched by your blog! Great pictures, I love that your making memories for your children, "They will rise up and call her blessed"