Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our visit to Brown County State Park

We made our first stop on the "I-Spy Indiana" tour last week and it was a visit to Brown County State Park.  The Park is in Southern Indiana and is a bit to the east of the town we live in.   This was our first visit to this park.  

16,000 acres of beautiful park grounds along with the Abe Martin Lodge, where we stayed.
The lodge has around 80 guestrooms and here are Kya and Darian hanging out in the room and the lobby area.
We happen to live in a log cabin so this is all familiar.   These digs would be a nice change for a city dweller!

A very "outdoorsy" feel no matter where you were.

The kids rockin' away at the front entrance.

The kids' favorite part was not the hiking trails or just getting to know nature.   It was the indoor water park, of course!!!

The Abe Martin Lodge was named after a cartoon character and was built in 1932.   We had such a good time strolling around the building, checking out the views of the park from all the different points of the lodge.  

We spotted a little guest cabin from one of the lodge verandas.

We had planned on hiking ALL of the 12 or so hiking trails but only finished 2.  The kids were hot and wanted to swim.   Enough said!!!

These trails were a big old workout!!!!

Look at these silly, hiking extremists!

I think this little guy in the picture below is Chip.

These hats crack me up!

So many acres of land, so much exhaustion!
But in a good way.

Hi from the mini explorers.

Climbing this tower was so exciting for them....until they got towards the middle and realized how high they were.    Then it was "ah, were coming down now"
Hi mom, look how tall we are!!!

The Pony rides were a big hit, until one of the pony's bit Kya.   She then thought they were quite evil.

Kya gives some love to one of the bigger horses.

An abundance of things for the kids to do.   Creeks to wade through, wooden playgrounds with those old fashion metal slides and beautiful lakes to observe.   They were in heaven!   Mommy was worn out but we had so much fun.

Wave your hands in the air like you just don't want to play anymore!!!

Checking out the nature center, below.

What a great start to our summer road trips.

Thanks for visiting.  

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  1. looks like you all had fun! I wanna go there!