Friday, May 6, 2011

Show us your life: Vacation spots

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This week at Kelly's Korner it's Show us your favorite vacation spot.  

French Lick Resort and West Baden Hotel in French Lick, Indiana is an hour from our house and is someplace we like to hang out when my parents visit from California.   It's got a crazy name and is a glamorous place in the middle of a pretty desolate town.   A small town in Indiana that has these big, ornate buildings.  

West Baden dome.

We would sit on the balcony of the hotel and sip iced tea or mint juleps..  A feeling of Gone with the Wind with a little mix of the 1920's when you walk through the hotel.   Very glam!!!

I believe French Lick got it's silly name because it was formerly a French trading post near a salt lick.    NBA dude, Larry Bird is from French Lick.   The hotel is known for it's sulfur springs, which are thought to have healing powers and they give off a lovely (not!) aroma!!

The city itself was a bit run down, as were the two hotels, which have undergone MAJOR renovations in the last several years.   There was the addition of a casino boat and water park and The West Baden Hotel, which was just a tourist "walk through" has recently been opened as a full running hotel.   It is monstrous and has this domed atrium that is 200 feet!

West Baden gardens

Here are some pics of one of our last visits.

Kya and Grandma Sue in the back of the French Lick resort.

Darian in the atrium of the West Baden Hotel.

Hi everyone!!

When we visit this area we get this relaxed vacation, close to home, no airplanes, no long car rides and the everything is low key.   Everything you do is right there on the grounds and everything is well manicured, very beautiful.      There is a bowling alley and pizza/arcade for the kids and they just LOVE the enclosed dome pool.   So a little for everone.  

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  1. Hi there! I read Kellyskornerblog and saw your vacation post and it caught my eye. I am in Indiana as well and am struggling with adoptions
    We are foster parents and it has been a real struggle. We had an open adoption set up but the b-mom decided to keep her at the last minute. Your kids are beautiful and I am so sorry for your struggles. I would love to get in touch so maybe you can give us some hope! My email is Take care and have a great Mothers Day!'

  2. I am in Warsaw, IN and never knew this place existed and it is so close to home. Thanks for posting about this! :)

  3. Thanks for visiting! I had to comment on your beautiful pictures. Looks like somewhere I would LOVE to visit one day!

  4. Another IN girl visiting from Kellys Korner. :)
    We are in the process of adopting from China so I loved reading about your adoption journies. We love French Lick too...we are north of Jasper.