Monday, January 3, 2011


                                    {1}  MOVIE AWARD SEASON
I was trying to remember when the last time I went to a movie was.   Titanic?  Whooaa...long time ago.   My son reminded me that I had taken him to see "Marley and Me".  When was that out?  2 years ago.   I REALLY don't like to sit in movie theaters! 

I can remember years ago, my sisters, friends and myself heading off to every movie, every screening  that was out there.   By the time the Oscars, Golden Globes, etc. came on, we knew every movie and actor that was up for an award.   Sometimes we even went to the award shows.    These days the closest I get to the action is seeing the red carpet gowns on the cover of magazines in the line at Walmart!

This past week, while the kids were home and theaters were showing movies during daytime hours, I decided to see one.   I had read about "The Black Swan" in our paper and it sounded interesting.  

Even the movie posters are freaking me out!!!

Oh, the dark and psychotic world of the ballerina!!!    Remind me to cancel those ballet lessons for Kya!!!!    Natalie Portman is quite good playing desperate and neurotic.   I was impressed with her dancing, especially if she had had no formal training.  

My kids and husband were in the theater next door watching "Gullivers Travels" and I was glad to hear about that "feel good" film when we left the theater.

                                {2} BACK TO SCHOOL
It has felt like the kids have been home for 6 months now and was very strange having to get them off to school this morning.   I didn't even know where to start!   "What time does the bus come?"  "Where do you guys go to school again?"   I know, have some coffee, get with the progam!!      The kids had been fighting so much these last few days and have been getting so bored that they were about to be sold to gypsies.    After I got back into the groove of things this morning,  I was so glad to see this again.

My kids waiting for the bus!!!!!

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